• Anderson Craft Ales (map)
  • 1030 Elias Street
  • London, ON, N5W 3P6
  • Canada

Anderson Craft Ales is teaming up with Wake Robin for a very special night of music. 

Vienna D'Amato Hall (NYC) is on tour supporting her sophomore release "Red Light Temple". An accomplished lyricist and songwriter, her sound is both etheral and raw, robust and minimal. Beautifully crafting songs heavy with allusory poetry and emotion, Vienna's performance upstairs at Anderson Craft Ales is not something you'll want to miss!

Scott Brunelle is perhaps one of London's hardest working musicians, though his seemingly effortless guitar chops and experiemental song writing has become a well-loved trademark of his performances. His latest release "Fresh Mint Cloud" features psychedelic riffs balanced with Scott's bedroom pop vocals. Be sure to arrive early for this one.